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China Edible Fungi Association
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   Established in 1987,China Edible Fungi Association(CEFA) is a national and non-profitable organization for the edible fungi industry.Its membership consists of individuals,institutions and enterprises engaged in the production,processing,marketing,research,and education of edible fungi throughout the country.The Association accepts the supervision and management of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the professional guidance of the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives.

  The purpose of CEFA is to provide services to members and the industry,protect the legitimate rights and interests of members and boost the all-round development of edible fungi industry.

  The main functions of CEFA are to collect,compile and exchange information gained both domestically and internationally pertaining to mushroom industry and engage in market forecasting based on this information;to harmonize the relationship among the three links of production,supply and marketing and promote the development of science,industry and trade;to maintain the sustainable development of edible fungi industry by reserving breed resource of edible fungi,protecting and developing reasonable wild breed resource and planting materials;to develop and extend the new technology and organize the communication,introducting,consultation and collaboration of technology and conduct technology training;to assist the government to formulate the rules and regulation of the industry,the flow of manufacturing and the criterion of production processing;to assess the new technology and new product,undertake study of sustainable development,to propagandize and popularize science knowledge of edible fungi.

  The highest level of authority of CEFA is members' conference,or members' representative conference.The executive body of members' conference,or members; representative conference is the Board of Directors.The administrative office of the Board of Directors is the Secretariat.

  CEFA has joined International Society Mushroom of Science(ISMS) and World Society of Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products(WSMBMP).CEFA warmly welcomes the individuals,institutions and enterprises in the edible fungi industry to join the Association for the further development of the edible fungi industry.